1. How long does zeppy play?
  • This depends on the volume and type of music you are listening to. If you keep the volume setting of zeppy unchanged (at 70%) when you turn zeppy on, you can expect a play time of 8 to 10 hours in music mode. For sound cloud mode you might reach 10 to 12 hours. In energy low mode you may reach a playtime up to 20 hours.
2. How long does charging take?
  • An empty battery will be charged to full in approx. 5 hours. After 90 min of charging you will have reached a capacity of approx. 70% already
3. Can I play zeppy during charging?
  • Yes, zeppy can be used during charging.
4. How far can I be away with Bluetooth source from my zeppy?
  • Without any obstacles in between the distance can reach approximately 10 m
5. How long is the distance between multiple zeppy pairing?
  • Your slave zeppy can reach a distance of 40 to 50 meter under free outdoor environment (e.g .garden)
  • It can play from room to room on same floor depending on wall construction
6. Does multiple zeppy pairing affect battery run time?
  • Yes, it will affect the run time of the Master zeppy…for 2 or 3 paired zeppy it will be not really noticeable…but when you reach up to 8 zeppy you might loose 1 hour on the Master zeppy…if possible we recommend that you hook up external power supply such as AC/DC Charger or Powerbank to Master zeppy if you use pairing with more than 4 zeppy in case you need extended play time.
7. Can I listen music under water?
  • Zeppy is designed as floating speaker. If you place zeppy with its membrane facing water you will be able to hear the music 1 m around zeppy under water.
  • However if you push zeppy under water you might loose the Bluetooth signal of your phone, if you push it down deeper as 30 to 40 cm to water level.
8. Can I use zeppy in pool and saltwater
  • Yes, you can use zeppy und such water conditions.
  • Make sure that your USB charging port is whipped dry after water use. (open the cap and dip off water drops.
  • In case of use in saltwater ALWAYS check if water went inside charging port. Rinse with fresh water and dry it up.
  • Always make sure that your USB port is DRY BEFORE charging
9. Is zeppy shock proof
  • Yes, zeppy can withstand drops from 1 m height without internal demage.
  • Zeppy will also not cause any demage to your floor (e.g) floor) due to its soft characteristic and shape.
  • Dents and scratches on zeppys membrane will not affect its performance
10. What do I need to take care off in use of zeppy?
  • zeppy is quite durable but there are two things you should keep away from zeppy, sharp knives/ blades such as Stanley and needles or sharp screws. Those could penetrate the housing or rubber crimp of the membrane and zeppy could loose its water tightness.
  • Keep zeppy away from direct fire, and excessive heat places (as common for any electronic device)
11. Can I RESET zeppy in case of malfunction or if zeppy “hangs”?
  • Yes, please connect zeppy to external power and keep holding the sound select button for at least 5 seconds down. ALL LEDS will light up. Wait until zeppy will turn back to normal charging LED lights. This may take up to 90 seconds.

12. Do you need a new manual?

  • You can download it here. Best would be to print it on A3-format, or you save it on your device.
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