The Party Buddy

Because it's your sound that gets the party started. Good sound is the carpet on which a good party first, partypeople know that. Expand your party crowd according to the mantra: the more the merrier. As soon as Zeppy touches another one, the sound is immediately transferred to the other Zeppy and will be played simultaneously on both audio speakers. You want more? No problem, you can pair up to eight Zeppies. Like this you can bring your crowd to dance like it`s 1999. The Zeppys can also be placed in different corners of the room and let their magic work. Sounds like an Allround System. Be part of Zeppys magic!


The Travel Buddy

Exploring the world by travelling is fun, we get that. And from now on, you will never travel alone again. Because Zeppy is your new travel buddy along the way. Discover new cities together, conquer the unknown and enjoy the starry sky together. Whether your adventure is on land or in the water, whether you travel by foot, by car, train, yacht or even by canoe, Zeppy is light enough for any transport and small enough to fit in any backpack. Zeppy is a bundle of energy and provides you with up to 12 hours of sound, even if you're tired. And the best part? You save energy and protect the environment.



The Wintersport Buddy

You are high up on the mountain, skis or a snowboard on your legs and you look down to a white panorama. You are in winter wonderland, free and full of adrenaline. You ride off with Zeppy by your side, who gives you the perfect background sound for this moment. Whether Zeppy is placed on your backpack or in your winter jacket, this audio speaker delivers crystal clear sound, as if the snow itself had turned into the Electric Lady Studios.


The Sound Buddy of your life

Do you want to listen your music in public, wirelessly and without headphones? No problem! Lightweighted Zeppy can be easily put behind your neck and you can enjoy the sound, which is intended only for you. Whether you're on the train, on the bus, on the plane, or just taking a walk in the city - your sound buddy sounds just for you.



The Relax Buddy 

Tough day, sore muscles or tense neck? Sit back and relax with your Sound Buddy Zeppy. Just put Zeppy under your neck, play the music of your choice and off you go with a gentle and relaxing sound wave massage. Sometimes you just need a hot bath to recover from a stressful day. Relax and let Zeppy swim in the water. Immediately, Zeppy will adjust the surface of the water to the movement of your sound and transform the water into little sound waves.


The Beach Buddy 

Ok mums and dads, we get you! At last you have arrived at the beach or the lake, packed with bags, towels, umbrellas and your offspring. You are glad that you can finally relax, listen to music or read a book. But can you listen to music without losing control of the surroundings? Sure you can, because Zeppy plays the sound of your choice without annoying the neighbors and disturbing your focus on the kids. Your Sound Buddy is tough, whether used as a water ball or buried in a sand pit, Zeppy lets you relax and enjoy the day. So feel free and independent - Zeppy delivers the right sound in the right volume - just for you.