Zeppy Specials

Like an audiospeaker. But completely different.


Connect your Zeppys and enjoy music loud and clear from your easy to handle and portable Sound Buddys



Turn any small screen into your home theater with virtual surround sound.


Sound Cloud!

Enjoy your favorite songs, audiobooks and podcasts in your own cloud of sound while not being cut off from your environment.



Take it easy and treat yourself to a relaxing sound massage.



Listen to your favorite podcasts whenever and wherever you want. Zeppy offers you a crystal clear sound.


Energy save!

Up to 16 hours of music enjoyment with the energy-saving mode.


Pair up to 8 Zeppy's simultaneously!

Put one Zeppy over the other. Immediately, the Zeppy's build their own sound network.


Led Lights – stay informed!

Battery consumption (green), Bluetooth (blue) and W-Lan (red) tell you how Zeppy is doing and to what function he is up to at that very moment.


The Loop – hang it up!

Loop Attachment: The loop makes it easy to place Zeppy wherever you want and need it. Either on a backpack, bike or even on a boat, it`s your choice.

For some fortificatons, we would recommend to get your Zeppy two loops. For example, when placed on backpacks, bicycles or even on a railing, Zeppy is better secured with two loops. (Pssst: In our webshop you will find as many loops as you need).

Be creative and find out how and where to attach Zeppy via loop.


Tips and tricks

1. Sound Modi:

Sound Buddy: Different tastes demand different sound modes. That's why we have developed different sound variations for you. Thus, you can choose exactly the sound mode that suits your listening taste.

a. Relax Buddy: Find a comfortable position and place Zeppy on your body. The membrane can look up or down, both positions offer the same feeling of relaxation. Take a breath and sense how Zeppy gently massages you with the sound waves of your choice of music (also usable in the bathtub).

b. Pre-Maternity Buddy: You are pregnant? Then give yourself and your baby some relaxing Zeppy-time. Set Zeppy to low volume and place it gently on your stomach. Because of ist material, Zeppy will give you a warm and comfortable feeling on your skin.

c. Good Night Buddy: You like to hear music while falling asleep? Just put Zeppy under your pillow and let yourself be lulled to sleep by the music. You'll see: Zeppy is much more comfortable than headphones. After 15 minutes Zeppy will turn itself off, if he receives no further signal from you. You can easily arrange your playlist to mute after a certain amount of time. That way, Zeppy won't be playing all night and unnecessarily consume energy.

d. Sound Cloud Buddy: For the Sound Cloud mode, you can simply put Zeppy under a pillow or wrap it in a towel (for the best sound experience, we recommend using medium to hard pillows).

The Sound Cloud mode can also be used as a near field speaker with a rich sound as soon as the volume is increased to 100%. Whether it`s your home or your office space- this mode can fill any environment with the clear sound of your choice.

2. The Loop

a. Loop Attachment: The loop makes it easy to attach and place Zeppy wherever you want it.

b. For backpack and bike: For some areas of installation we recommend two loops to place your Zeppy. For example, when attached on backpacks or bicycles, Zeppy is just better secured with two loops. (Pssst: You will find as many loops as you need in our webshop).

c. Be creative and figure out where and in how many ways you can attach your Zeppy.

3. The Membrane

a. Your design - painting: Be creative and design the surface of your Zeppys in your own style. You can easily paint on it with waterproof pens or make it even more unique with your stickers. (ATTENTION: Your creativity knows no bounds, but you should not use strong solvents, otherwise the color will be detached from the surface of your zeppy.)

b. Your design - Illustration: You can put your personal note on Zeppy's surface with drawings and engravings from a soft pencil. (Attention: Drawings with a soft pencil can be removed with an eraser.) If you do not want to destroy the membrane, you should not use a hard pencil. Don't worry: Not even the hardest pen can destroy the sound and the durability of Zeppy.)

4. Zeppy and water

a. USB port: Make sure the USB port is dry when Zeppy was in the water. If you find some waterdrops on the surface, you can easily wipe them off.

b. Sea or Pool: Simply rinse Zeppy with tap water after it was put in salt or chlorine water (pool) and dry it off afterwards.

c. Sound waves: This is an eye-catcher! Press Zeppy slightly under water so that the membrane is covered with water. The vibration produces sound waves which are immediately visible on the water surface.